Why Remote Software Developers Are Vital to the Success of Your Businesses

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If you’re managing a business, there’s a good chance you need skilled software developers. In addition to building custom software and websites, they can help you harness big data to grow your business. Programmers apply this data to improve communication, understand finances, and help you make better strategic decisions for your business.

For startups and technology-driven companies, software developers are essential as they custom-make software to best serve your customers. They can also help you ensure that your business is maintained and protected from external security threats.

The benefits of hiring a remote development team

Some entrepreneurs would rather have their employees on site, but there is a growing trend of hiring remote programmers. Most business owners, especially in the tech industry, tend to think online staffing is only for the early days of a startup when funding and headcount is low.

We’ve found that remote software developers can drive business growth for companies at any stage. Here’s how:


Hiring remotely allows for flexibility, as you can hire remote software developers from anywhere. As a result, distance is no barrier to sourcing for top talents.

Easy Access to an International Workforce

In this global economy, business owners need to market their services globally. Hiring remote programmers from around the world gives you a competitive advantage in selling your products.

Enhanced Productivity

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review reveals that employers found remote workers more productive than those serving in a conventional office set up.

Less Overhead, More Savings

Hiring remote software developers will save you a substantial amount of money. You don’t need to invest in a physical building, office equipment, or furniture for your employees. Instead, the costs of running a virtual team are drastically reduced to virtual tools like Skype, Google Drive, Trello, and Slack.

Africa is a goldmine when it comes to hiring top talents for relatively low cost. Employing remote software developers from countries like Nigeria and South Africa is an even smarter option for business managers and a bonus for startups. We may be a bit biased, but business owners can do no better than Charisol in their search for top-notch remote software developers at affordable costs.

It’s Becoming a Widespread Practice

It is becoming a common practice to hire remote programmers. A 2017 survey reveals that in the U.S. during 2015, almost 300,000 full-time employees hired as software developers and similar jobs were remote workers.

Flexible Working Hours

The flexibility of working hours plays a vital role when it comes to productivity of software developers. Remote programmers and developers consider the ability to work remotely necessary to them, as they get to create their ideal work environment which enhances productivity. According to a 2017 Developer Survey, developers said that the ability to work remote is one of their most important job evaluation criteria.

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