The Best Online Remote Software Development Communities to Join

A community is a group of people that come together to grow as one, solve each other’s problems and generally support one another. An online tech community is quite the most amazing place for a software developer to belong, coupled with the chance to work and interact remotely, all in a bid to hone your skills as a programmer and become well-rounded. Whether you are a budding software developer, or simply a tech enthusiast, here is a list of the best online software development communities you can join. They help refine your tech skills and enhance your versatility towards becoming a geek with a world class talent.


Stack Overflow is known to be the biggest software community on the internet. The platform offers you access to tons of questions and answers in the range of computer programming and solutions to algorithms, while allowing you to interact with other developers in the software development community.

Find the StackOverflow community at


Github functions primarily as a “Version Control Tool” — a tool used for managing different versions of a particular app, for improvement or backup — for computer programmers and software developers, but the platform is also a “Developers Disney land”, because it gives programmers access to find many world-famous apps in Code!

Joining the GitHub online community lets you build your own apps and collaborate with other software developers remotely, while taking advantage of its version control ability.

Find the GitHub community at


Google developers is a platform created by Google to give you access to software development tools to build software programs using some of Google’s products such as Google maps and Google Apps. The Google Developers platform also hosts discussion groups and blogs for software developers; something you don’t want to miss out on.

Find the Google Developers community at


Developers Facebook is another platform similar to Google Developers. Developers Facebook allows you to build apps using their API and even allows you to integrate your apps into Facebook. You also get to collaborate with other software developers, which will in turn, improve your software development capability.

Find the Facebook Developers community at


FreeCodeCamp gives you the opportunity to learn how to code for free, challenges you to build your product version and even awards you with a Certification based on your performance. You get to enjoy many benefits with a like-minded community learning alongside you.

Find the FreeCodeCamp community at


CodeCademy is similar to FreeCodeCamp, yet unique. While FreeCodeCamp is predominantly for learning JavaScript and other JavaScript frameworks, CodeCademy is the home of the versatile. Thinking of learning a new programming language? CodeCademy is your home for code conquest.

Find the CodeCademy community at


Hacker rank is the “Home of Championships”. If you are looking for a fight — not fists and kicks, haha! — but a code battle for lots of prizes, then don’t hesitate to join the Hacker rank community. “Hackathons” — organised events for software developers and other computer technologist to collaborate intensively on software projects — are the order of the day.

HackerRank also lets you learn more about computer programming by practising at algorithms on the platform. Interestingly, HackerRank helps you to qualify and find software development jobs.

Find the HackerRank community at


With you can find courses, tutorials, videos, to-do projects, blogs and other activities that will help improve your skills in software development. is a basically a remote geek school, so you can choose to take advantage of that.

Join the Scotch community at


This is just like Github, except it’s not a version control tool. CodePen is the official Code Editor of The tool is one, the community is another. Belonging to grants you instant access to fun projects created by other creative and advanced developers, to help “sharpen your coding blade.” However, focuses mainly of Front end development making it the hub for Front End developers.

Find the CodePen community at


ALC is a fast growing social and tech community in partnership with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Udacity. The ALC functions as a scholarship program for enthusiastic developers. Regular meetups are organised where programmers meet physically; a prime opportunity to meet and network with a co-founder or sponsor for that new generation app you have been working on.

Find the Andela Learning Community at

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