Meet the Charisol Team: Ikenna, Software Engineer

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Expertise: UI/UX & Front End Development

Experience: 3+ years

Programming Languages: HTML, CSS3, Javascript, PHP

Frameworks: NodeJS, Express, FeathersJS, ReactJS, React-Native, Laravel

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase

Development Tools: Git, NPM, Composer

Design Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop

Design: Object-oriented design, Responsive design, Software design patterns, Conceptualization, Color Theory, Branding

Work Tools: Trello, Skype, Zoom, Slack, Toptal, Google Apps, Github

CMS: Wordpress, Prismic

In my second year of University, we had to take Java classes in the second semester — yikes. So I made up my mind to learn before hand.

I found some helpful PDFs and video tutorials online, then I got a hang of the language quickly and developed little solutions with it. I became pretty fascinated with network communications; I built a little applet to a view all computers on a particular network and access shared folders.

This marveled my colleagues and built my confidence — muscle. I was so excited, I immediately wanted to go into Android development but got discouraged the first day I opened Visual Studio. Unknown to me, I was using a less powerful machine — nightmare on Elm’s street.

By this time I felt I had grown tired of building apps & applets with Java and wanted to start Web development. This happened shortly before my industrial training — perfect timing. I first tried my hands on JSP — exhausting.

I started looking at PHP/MYSQL which seemed a lot more easier to learn. I started building little web apps with PHP like a basic content management system and document management platforms. I remember building a PHP server to help me and my friends share files over HTTP in our rooms. We were almost always connected to the same LAN network — necessity.

I loved the speed at which I could build things with PHP, regardless of how terrible the code base was at the time. I later gained interest in some PHP frameworks mentioned on Stack Overflow and found CodeIgniter quite interesting.

By this time I had developed quite a reputation amongst my peers. In fact, my first freelance clients at the time were my peers whom I assisted with projects (from a prison management system to an Image Processing Engine). I also picked interest in aesthetics & usability, which led me in search of design inspirations to develop my UI/UX skills.

These days, I look forward to building front end projects from around the world!

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