How Do You Know You’ve Found a Good Software Developer?

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Whether you’re a software development agency or a business owner, looking through well-crafted resumes is not enough to hire a developer. Although reviewing a portfolio and resume might show the applicant's skill set, past experiences and recommendations, they don't show personality traits, goals, or their response to pressure.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to determine when you have found a good employee, but top web development agencies consider several key factors when hiring a developer. At Charisol, we use an efficient method to recruit talented programmers: setting up a recruiting process with multiple stages to it. The candidate’s performance in these stages help us decide if we’ve found a skilled software programmer.

What you should look for in the applicant’s resume

The first step is to see if the applicant is truly certified as a developer. Their resume should highlight their skill set and hands-on experience. Other things to look for include:

A Clear Career Path

When looking through an application, you need to see an appealing and positive career progression in the role the person is applying for. Does it seem to you that they are trying to gain more career experience or just desperate for a job?

Content Over Aesthetics

A good resume will be precise with no exaggeration, showing their skills and how they fit the role they are applying for.

No Errors

The resume should be free of grammatical or typological errors. Applicants that submit resumes without taking the trouble to correct errors, will likely do their jobs in a lax manner.

What questions should be asked in the interview process?

Technical Skills

Ask questions that point to the applicant’s experiences, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Remember, you are trying to find out if this person is suitable for your specific position, so find out whether their technical skills are strong. Can they build applications from scratch? How extensive is their knowledge of programming languages? Can they write code that’s error-free? Can they solve problems? Are they logical thinkers?

Soft Skills

Next, evaluate their interpersonal and communication skills. Do they get along with others on the team? Are their values compatible with those of the business? Are they easy to relate to? Although social skills aren’t directly indicative of a developer’s abilities, he or she must be able to successfully collaborate with co-workers.

Can they read and write well? Although programmers basically deal with codes and algorithms, being able to communicate effectively in your country’s official language is essential.

Can he/she set priorities and make decisions that align with company goals? Can he effectively take instructions? How does he handle stress and work pressure? Is he ambitious? Does he want to hone his skills? An employee that reasonably goes beyond mainstreams, testing the waters, is an asset to a business.

Answers to these questions are a huge pointer to tell if you have found your business a smart software developer. A good one should be able to handle these with minimal hiccups.

However, in the case of technical skills, talk is cheap! Put the applicant to test by carrying out a sample project. Ask them to write code that solves a specific problem, and then analyse it to assess their strength in basic software development skills. When an applicant completes the above steps impressively, you have found a new asset for your business.

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