From Trial To Discovery; The Charisol Story.

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As a young man on a mission, I knew I needed to build a strong winning business myself but in a new way.

In that business, I wanted to learn what it takes to turn an idea into a business. I wanted to experience the journey, the success, the failure, the challenges. To me, that is one of the most powerful things a visionary leader should have, not just money and fame.

With so much enthusiasm, I tried my hands on Real Estate. That was officially my first business attempt. Unfortunately, that didn’t last for long. The capital involved left me with no choice than to look for another business option; Farming. Although the most essential and ageless business, the duration for a large scale impact would take at least 10–40 years and I didn’t have that much time to sacrifice.

Did I learn any vital lesson from those two attempts? Of course!

You cannot be a Visionary in a field where you lack expertise or experience.

My experience made me realise how much I had underestimated my skill and field of expertise. As a result, Technology became the next point of exploration.

Did I find immediate problems to solve? No. So many companies were already building websites and apps. It took so much research and well-invested time to discover a grand opportunity.

I noticed that Nigeria was (and still is) underrepresented in the global tech stage. Having learnt of the wealth of tech skills we have in this area, I set out to bridge that gap in my little way.

My early experience with starting a business without validating the idea birthed a strong passion for working with individuals who have business ideas and StartUp businesses. Since Tech was the focal point and Nigeria had the Tech skills needed, I was able to build a team of Nigerian tech experts to take on both local and foreign projects. Today, we are known as Charisol.

What is your startup story?

Validate your tech idea quickly & cheaply — A User Experience(UX) Focused Design & Dev Agency with a team of Software Designers & Developers based in Africa

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