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#EndSars Protesters

Digital nomads outside Nigeria cannot relate to being unable to work freely from anywhere without getting harassed, robbed, possibly kidnapped or killed.

Over the years, there have been a series of reports of harassment, extortion, brutality and even murder by a unit of the Nigerian Police Force, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). SARS was supposed to be a unit established to detain, investigate and prosecute people involved in crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping and other forms of crimes.

Unfortunately, profiling youths with laptops, smartphones(especially iPhone) or cars as internet fraudsters have been the order of the day. …

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They say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to your website. In your website’s case, “what doesn’t kill it immediately, slowly scares potential clients away”.

As a business owner, you expect your website to do three major things:

  1. Generate more qualified Leads
  2. Increase Awareness
  3. Improve Lead Conversion

If your website is not delivering these three key results, then something is wrong somewhere and, no, it is not from your village.

You might want to send this post to your web designer (except you’re one and will be building your website yourself).

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the ten web design mistakes that will destroy your business(if ignored). …

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“90% of New StartUps Fail”. As bitter as this may sound, it remains a reality.

Several factors have been listed by many as the reason why this continues to exist. Before we add our two cents to the subject matter, let’s take a close look into what a startup is.

Too many times, the term ‘startup’ has been used interchangeably with ‘small business’. However, these two are different even though they share a little similarity; they both are small and meet the definition of the small and medium-sized business, and that’s where it ends.

So What Exactly is a Startup?

According to Wikipedia, a Startup is a company or project begun by an entrepreneur. Failory, on the other hand, defines a startup as a business experiment with potential. …

8 Most Popular Types of Websites
8 Most Popular Types of Websites

While the exact number of websites keep changing every second, there are well over 1 billion sites on the world wide web. (Source: Siteefy).

Paying attention to website design is crucial to building your business. As a designer or small business owner, you need to be familiar with the different kinds of websites, so you can decide which will meet your needs.

Here are eight types of the most popular types of websites you’ll see around the web. …

10 Best UX Tools For User Research And User Testing. Pt 2
10 Best UX Tools For User Research And User Testing. Pt 2

I promised to share the second part of the 10 best tools for user research and user testing after giving you a list of 5. In case you missed the first part of this post, you can read here.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

6. Trymyui

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The what of a thing cannot be properly understood without first understanding the why. This is because things do not always have a being apart from their raison d’etre.

This is how great products come into existence. For every great product, there is a reason(why). It is not so much about the what of a product as the why.

The ‘why’ of the product is the vision by which every feature and component exists to serve.

Science’s’ value proposition lies in its positioning as a body of knowledge seeking to understand the ‘how’ of the universe.

However, it surely cannot fully understand the ‘how’ of the universe without understanding the ‘why’ of its existence; this is the meta-level of knowledge acquisition. …

15 Simple Habits That Will Help You Become a Better UX Designer
15 Simple Habits That Will Help You Become a Better UX Designer

Becoming a UX designer requires much more than just being able to turn on the computer and designing something that wows. It takes discipline, honing of skills, building habits and evolving.

As a newbie in the UX design world, you might feel a self-induced pressure to impress and build a portfolio almost immediately. Always remember that Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.

That being said, here are 15 simple habits that will help you become a better UX Designer and if you’ve been in the design space for long, there’s no harm adding something new to your ‘habit list’. …

10 Best UX Tools For User Research And User Testing. Pt 2
10 Best UX Tools For User Research And User Testing. Pt 2

With so many User Research and User Testing tools at your disposal, finding the perfect one can be a hard nut to crack. We’ve made a list of ten amazing platforms to make it easier for you to pick a tool that is right for you. We’ll share 5 today and give you the rest next week :). Stay tuned!

Crazy Egg

5 User Experience Goals Every UX Designer Should Set
5 User Experience Goals Every UX Designer Should Set

User Experience is an integral part of a product design process. The following 5 user experience goals, will help you to find the right direction of user experience design and make you an excellent UX designer.

Goal 1: Satisfy a Need

Nothing is more exciting than to find that one thing that satisfies a need or solves a problem that has been lingering forever!

Can you imagine the smile on users face when they say this?

“I finally found what I’ve been looking for?”

As a UX Designer, you are a demi-god of some sort. You are looked upon by users to understand their pain point and provide a solution using your superpower; UX Design Process. …

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Who would have thought that in the year 2020, remote work would be a must and not an option for some businesses at some point? I sure didn’t see it coming. If you did, kudos to your superpower.

Being a remote worker in Nigeria is a lot more challenging than the volume of work you need to do. There’s the epileptic power supply to worry about, add that to the limping internet connection one has to endure. These notwithstanding, getting the job done remains a top priority.

It’s been months since I had to adapt to the new system. Surprisingly, I have learnt lessons that only this system could practically teach. It’s fair to say that experience is the best teacher. Here are some vital lessons I’ve learnt. …



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