4 reasons you should consider becoming a software developer

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If you grew up watching sci-fi movies, you may, like the rest of us, feel intrigued by the way computer geeks or nerds tap away at their keyboards trying to hack something.

While programming roles may look glamorous on TV, here are some underlying benefits of becoming a software developer today.

Job Security

Software Engineers are in high demand today as a result of the rise in technology adoption across all Industries


Most startup jobs offer flexibility and perks. Most times you have the option of working either from an office, from home or the combination of both. You will be able to save large amounts of money on transport and you will be able to work from the comfort of your own home.

Travel Opportunity

Your skills can be easily transferable to different countries. Most companies want to hire top talent regardless of location and are willing to pay for a work visa.

Tangible Results

You can troubleshoot just about any problem and tangibly see the results. This gives a sense of fulfillment on the job knowing that what you do solves problems for people.

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